GUEST ROOM | Your Vote Matters

When juxtaposed with the housing and location stability that many adults enjoy, it’s no wonder that our voter participation rates are so staggering. With the addition of on-campus polling places this year due to fierce student advocacy, voting will become a little easier for some Cornellians. However, since significant percentages of our domestic student population live outside of New York state, in order to participate in this year’s elections, they likely will have had to navigate the same absentee ballot request process that I struggled with. 

ONONYE | Block or Unfollow? Losing Friends During the 2020 Election

Raise your hand if you’ve lost a friend or two (or 30!) during this election season. I definitely have. As we finally reach the end of a 2+ year run for the presidency, I can finally reflect on what this election cycle has meant to me. I can list thirty million things, but one of the most significant is that I have lost a few friends. 

Up until the 2020 election run, I really believed that I could be friends with anyone regardless of their political ideology. I had done it my entire life.