GUEST ROOM | A Plea to Vote

I need not to tell you the struggles, hardships and troubles that have plagued our nation not solely in our immediate memory, but in our history as a country. From social injustices, to economic depressions, to a nationwide pandemic, our way of life remains constantly in need of improvement. My hope, and the hope of Cornell Votes, is that all Cornellians — students, faculty, professors, administrators, staff and all those who call Cornell home — understand that your voice matters. Every individual person’s experiences, successes, failures, and everything in between matters. You as an individual are not a cog in a wheel, but a valued member of our community, one deserving of respect and decency from others.

Dig In | The Health Care Debate Forgets Health

Our role in the dining section is to tell stories about food. Whether it be through a restaurant review, a personal narrative or coverage of a special event, we want to get you thinking about how food impacts us as individuals and as a society. That is why sitting through four Democratic presidential debates — in which the Democrats spent more than 90 minutes talking about health care — and not hearing any of the candidates speak about health itself was disheartening.