SPARACIO | Democracy On the Ballot from Now On? 

Grammy was lamenting on the phone last night that this world is not one that she would want to be growing up in. Scanning the news, opinion columnists seem to be questioning how much longer we will be waking up to democracy for breakfast. Recent New York Times columns titled “Dancing Near the Edge of a Lost Democracy,” “What Has Happened to My Country?” and “What’s at Stake in These Elections” capture society teetering on the edge. Looking at the New York Times archives the day before Barack Obama’s midterm elections in 2014 did not reveal such alarmist attitudes towards the future of democracy. The current political climate hints to a democracy in free fall, and we can watch it flailing towards the center of the earth or begin to think up some sort of remedy. 

LIVE UPDATES: Midterm Election Results 2022

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Dr. Wickham’s recent letter was an important and helpful clarification of the redistricting changes affecting the Cornell community. With the election just a few days away, I’d like to add a further exhortation for everyone who’s eligible to get out and vote.

How to Vote in Ithaca in the 2022 Midterm Elections

It’s an even year, and for Americans, that means election season. This year features a unique convergence of events, including a once-per-decade redistricting following contentious court battles and major primary fights between high-powered veteran Democrats for seats in the House of Representatives. The voter registration deadline is on Friday, Oct. 14. Registering to vote

Voters can register to vote online if they have a New York driver’s license.