EDITORIAL: Cornell Engineering: To Parity and Beyond

We must commend the College of Engineering for achieving gender parity in its enrollment. The engineering college is the last of Cornell’s constituent parts to reach parity, and in doing so, it positions itself as a national leader among institutions of higher education. We hope that our peer colleges take note of the decades-long concerted effort undertaken by Cornell to achieve this milestone; parity neither happened overnight nor on its own. Because things need to change. Somehow, in the year of our lord 2018, women only make up 22.9 percent of engineering students nationwide.

Sherry Wu / Sun Contributor

RIP Synapsis (2008-2017): Students React to Impending Closure of Beloved Eatery

News of Synapsis closing down has been met with surprise from many students. Long-time patron Timothy Krausz ’17 gave high praise for Synapsis, saying that, “even if my lab wasn’t next door to Synapsis, I would still go out of my way for the all-day breakfast burritos and coffee — the best coffee on campus.”

Courtesy of BigRed Hacks' Facebook page

Students Come Together to Code, Solve Problems at BigRed Hacks

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Have you ever found yourself with friends, in need of a stereo system to play music, but with none in sight? Problem solved. A group of University of Buffalo students took up their weekend to design Goofy, an app which creates a loudspeaker system from your phones, syncing the same song across a number of devices and thus amplifying the sound.  All you have to do is take a picture, wait for the system to randomly choose a song based on your mood, and sync it across your friends’ phones. Where was this and so many other cool apps and websites designed?