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Daze's Best, Worst and Most Utterly Ridiculous Halloweens

You can’t spend a night — or the requisite Collegetown three — of dressing like a sexy police officer, Sarah Palin or an oversized pumpkin and come out smelling like roses. This week, the Daze staff share their wildest moments from All Hallow’s Eve: raw and (mostly) unedited. From disastrous high school pranks to men whose fetishes happen to be your specific Halloween costume, writers divulge their best and worst nights. It may have been a long time since elementary school going door-to-door; but that doesn’t mean the tricked and treated memories are far gone. So when Friday (and Thursday and Saturday) come along and the inevitable good and bad times happen, just be glad you weren’t us.

Thief in the Night:

The Timely Death of Total Request Live

MTV has recently announced that it will put Total Request Live (TRL) on indefinite hiatus this November. As sad as I am to say goodbye to a show I haven’t watched since I was about 14, it’s 2008, and the program deserves to be put to sleep.

TRL has been the stage for not only budding celebrities and “buzzworthy” videos, but also for movie promos and falling stars’ meltdowns. In 2001, Mariah Carey scared the pants off of host, Carson Daly, when she ran, completely unannounced, across the TRL stage in her pajamas. Just days later, the singer checked herself into rehab for extreme exhaustion.

Backstreet Boys perform on TRL on Spring Break