GUEST ROOM | It’s Time to Stop Buying Bottled Water

When I moved to Cornell, I opted not to drink the tap water out of habit. Since learning of the excellent water quality here, however, I have refrained from purchasing single-use disposable water bottles. Moving to Cornell is a chance for people like me — and the other 15,000 undergraduate students — to change their behavior. It’s a chance for us to switch on the tap. If you’re an undergraduate: Safe, clean tap water is mere moments away from your dorm room.

PLOWE | Check Your Power

Now, more than ever in history, is it important for Cornell students to evaluate their positions of power both locally and globally. Cornell students, like all people, are moral agents. Our actions have immense rippling impacts. 

OLGUÍN | Vegetarian, Plant-Based Pescatarian

It is time that I admit the truth. In front of my friends and family, I want to share that I have recently indulged in eating salmon. I, who so proudly was vegetarian for years and years, gave in earlier this year at the sight of Emily Mariko’s salmon-rice-kewpie mayo-sriracha dish. For more than half a decade, I had staunchly committed myself to the vegetarian discipline. I’d learned to forget about the taste of Korean BBQ and learned to cook (and like) alternative forms of protein. Zeus’s BLTease in my opinion, was better than whatever turkey ham option they could have offered.