Composting at Cornell: C+

COVID-19 caused a massive shift towards single-use plastics as a safer way to distribute meals, but they are the least creative option available. An institution with as much means as Cornell Dining could, and slowly is finding new ways to integrate more effective composting and recycling strategies.

SMITH | Majoring in the End of the World

Floods, famine, power-hungry villains, war . . . all the makings of an apocalypse movie. Except, this isn’t fiction; it’s the narrative that environment and sustainability and other majors can begin to feel is unavoidable when faced with teachings about the dangers of climate change on a near daily basis.

Cornell Student Assembly Discusses Sustainability, Course Enrollment and Online Forum

The Student Assembly addressed environmental sustainability, the transparency of course enrollment and “Big Red Change” — an online forum for students to create petitions about different University initiatives — at its meeting Thursday. The S.A. passed a resolution to convert all lighting in Willard Straight Memorial Hall from incandescent to LED. This change is an easy step that will save the University both money and energy, according to Gabriel Kaufman ’18. “We are actually sitting under about 300 incandescent light bulbs. What that means is that we are wasting a lot of electricity,” Kaufman said.