AHMAD | Who Am I?

Countless times throughout my undergraduate career as a psychology major, I’ve been forced to memorize lists of psychologists’ names and their corresponding theories. These theories are sometimes fascinating and other times mortifying (yes, I’m looking at you, Freud), but they are almost never memorable. Sure, I can generally tell you what Kohlberg’s theory of morality is, or half-heartedly explain what Piaget’s deal was. I’ve never fully understood what was up with Freud, but I could still monotonously recite his psychosexual stages if you really wanted me to. My point is, none of the details of these psychological theories ever stood out to me.

PINERO | Coming of Age, or, The Truman Show

I had my first existential crisis at ten years old. Like so many other formerly gifted children — or, if you prefer, present-day underachievers — this early onset despair came about as the result of age-inappropriate media consumption. In my case, it was watching The Truman Show. I’m 20 now, on the precipice of adulthood and its labyrinth of choices. So, I re-watched this formative film.