Design, Empathy, Collaboration: RAW EXPO at Milstein Hall

RAW EXPO can perhaps best be described as a gathering of creators and question-askers deconstructing barriers to collaboration. In the wide concrete dome of Milstein Hall, over 50 groups of and individual artists, publishers, engineers, developers, musicians, architects and people who came simply due to curiosity conversed and tested out products and processes. Simply put, a desire to create a fully interdisciplinary environment undergirds RAW EXPO. Now in its second year, RAW EXPO was hosted by and served as a kickoff for Medium Design Collective, a group of students that champions collaboration and design-oriented creation. Many members of ASSOCIATION, the group that organized RAW EXPO’s inauguration last year, remain in Medium.

Students Present Research at 14th Annual BioExpo


Studies on a wide variety of subjects — on the differences between men and women in aging’s effects on skeletal muscle, vector machine learning’s use in mammographic diagnosis of breast cancer, and storm conditions’ effects on bioreactor efficiency — were on display at the 14th annual BioExpo Research Symposium. Allowing students to present research on biological and environmental engineering alike, the program, hosted by the Institute of Biological Engineering was held in Duffield Hall and included a speaker series, dinner, and research judging. As co-presidents of the IBE— Cornell’s undergraduate society for biological and environmental engineering majors —   Charlie Xu ’16 and Annie Chau ’16 led the charge in planning and running this year’s expo. They noted that the entire IBE E-Board put much effort into seeing the program through. The BioExpo, they confirmed, was IBE’s largest event of the year.