Body Retrieved From Fall Creek Gorge

Cornell Police found a deceased female at the bottom of Fall Creek Gorge yesterday afternoon after receiving a call from a witness saying that a woman had jumped off the Suspension Bridge. Members of the Ithaca Police Department, Cornell Police Department, Ithaca Fire Department and Bangs Ambulance responded to the incident.
The body was removed at approximately 4 p.m. as “Members of the Ithaca Fire Department rappelled into the gorge [to] retrieve the body,” according to a statement issued by the IPD. While the female has yet to be identified, police are continuing to investigate the incident.
The bridge has since been cleared, except for remnants of yellow police tape near the path leading down to the gorge.

CJC Considers Ban on Gorge Swimming

Ithaca is gorges. However, according to the city’s municipal code, it is in fact illegal to swim in Ithaca’s gorges. The University Assembly is now considering a resolution — proposed by the Codes and Judicial Committee (CJC) — to amend Cornell’s Code of Judicial Conduct so that the gorges on Cornell’s campus are off-limits as well.
At the assembly meeting last night, there was only enough time to briefly review the issue. The assembly will continue the discussion in its meeting next month.