MEIDENBAUER | Cornell Chic

People express themselves through their clothing.  Whether consciously or unconsciously, how we dress changes how other people view us.  Perhaps this is why, as with any group of people, similarities occur as trends rise and fall.  As the times evolve, so does fashion.  But what does this say about the student body? It’s like Cornell has an unspoken dress code that a significant chunk of students subscribe to.  

A (Somewhat Tame) Return to Fashion’s Biggest Night

Unlike previous years, the theme of “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” was much more open-ended, celebrating the past, present and future of American culture through fashion. Naturally, I enjoyed the classic (and expected) red-carpet glamour of Billie Eilish’s blush Oscar de La Renta look, and Yara Shahidi and Anok Yai’s celestial homages to silent film star and activist Josephine Baker.