A Skidmore Medal Topped with Runny Pasta: Freshman Year with Zero Meal Plan

$147 and a big shopping cart were basically my Saturday afternoon in a nutshell. Five large, packed grocery bags wobbled back and forth inside the cart as I meandered my way to the bus stop. The bus came before I was there, so I had to run uphill and unload my cargo onto the decently occupied vehicle. I left the cart on the road; if you found one stranded around the Ithaca Mall, it could have been me. I apologize.

U.A. Expresses ‘Surprise’ Following President Pollack’s Rejection of Resolution to Share University Finance Information

Pollack explained in a May email to the previous U.A. President Gabe Kaufman ’18 that she declined the non-binding resolution because the proposed committee’s authority “go beyond providing input and veer into policy setting, which must remain within my [Pollack’s] purview and that of the Board of Trustees.”