SPARACIO | Silver Lining to My Lost Sleep

After waking up the next morning not sure of whether or not it was a fever dream (it wasn’t), I can tell you that this kind of experience embodies college in a special way. We all love the possibility  that anything is possible and this moment highlights just that. College is probably one of the only places where you can meet someone and befriend them at three in the morning. It’s one of the only places where a sense of limitless opportunity is both a fixture of youth and a fixture of a university with the motto “Any Person, Any Study.” When you are young and impressionable, random occurrences, like this fire alarm, can have life long implications. 

Fire Officials Evacuate Collegetown Apartment Following Fire Alarm

Tompkins County fire officials evacuated the residents of 208 Dryden this morning following a 3:15 a.m. fire alarm, according to the Ithaca Fire Department. After the evacuation, firefighters determined that the Hai Hong Restaurant — a store on 208 Dryden’s ground level — was the cause of the smoke. The fire was caused by “a pot [that] boiled over on the stove that pumped caustic smoke into the eatery and filled the apartments above,” according to the fire department. “Crews shut down the stove and ventilated the restaurant, while others went floor by floor in the apartments to clear the smoke and check for carbon monoxide,” the fire department added. Fire officials credited the functional alarm system for their quick response and reported that no one was injured during the incident.