How to Survive as a Vegetarian in Paris

Maybe I’m just a silly American who should learn to appreciate the fine, fleshy delicacies of French cuisine. Maybe there’s a vast network of vegetarian and vegan restaurants I’ve missed while intoxicated in a cheesy haze.

But if French cuisine is to continue to be heralded as amongst the most refined in the world, it should start refining its vegetarian, vegan and other diet-restricted dishes.

Picholine Perfection

The night before I came back to Cornell, I had the pleasure of eating at Terrance Brennan’s Manhattan restaurant, Picholine. Though I had had an unpleasant experience there five years ago, complete with terrible service and even worse food, recent reviews had piqued my interest in returning. I was willing to give Picholine another chance and I was glad that I did.
From the moment I walked through the door, I could sense a distinct change in the atmosphere of the restaurant. Though the décor was still outdated compared to other bastions of haute cuisine, the proprietor had certainly made an effort to modernize.