Leave of Absence Poses Issues

For students who discover that their health is significantly impairing their ability to study, the Cornell University Health Leave of Absence Policy is an easy way to voluntarily separate oneself from the University. While it might be simple to leave Cornell, some students are finding out that returning to Cornell is much more difficult.
Voluntary Leave of Absence is a policy that addresses the needs of students who, for various reasons, feel that they have to interrupt their coursework for a period of time. A health leave of absence falls into this category, and while most of the Cornell colleges have their own method of dealing with voluntary leaves of absence, in the case of HLOAs, the colleges tend to defer their decisions to Gannett Health Services.

Fiscal Downturn Will Not Change Insurance Policy

In the face of a national economic crisis, the University does not foresee any major changes to the student health insurance plan it offers.
“We do not expect this economic crisis to affect Cornell University policy regarding health insurance,” said Sharon Dittman, associate director of Health Promotion and Community Relations for Gannett.
For those who opt to buy healthcare from Cornell, they may receive a price break. Dittman cited that financial aid for health insurance will be influenced by the fiscal downturn, providing students with adequate resources in a time of need.

Groups Educate to Prevent Another Syphilis Outbreak

In the wake of reporting the nine syphilis cases identified in Tompkins County last April, Gannett Student Health Services, Tompkins County Department of Health, Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes, Ithaca College and Tompkins Cortland Community College joined forces to provide testing, education and materials surrounding this often overlooked sexually transmitted disease.

New Gannett X-Rays Serve Patients Faster

In a move to smooth the transition to having fully electronic health records, Gannett Health Services recently implemented a state of the art radiography system. The Radiology Information System/ Picture Archiving and Communications System for managing medical images is providing faster service and more efficient doctor-patient communication.
The transition to the Kodak DR 3500 occurred after three years of research and planning to seek the best value in replacing outdated technology and to streamline radiologic images with other fully electronic health records. Following a period of renovations to the radiology suite and training for radiographers and clinicians, the system came into use
in January.

Keeping You At Your Peak

More and more, I am being asked by individuals why my column, in which I usually tell humorous stories about my life, is in the arts section of The Sun. I respond to these Naïve Nancys, by reminding them that humor indeed is an art form attempted by many yet mastered by few, and that my life is a masterpiece in the works. Some, though, just won’t have it.
For that reason, I decided that I would placate those whom wish I were not in the Arts by donning my aesthete hat this week and using my column to critique graphic design and propaganda. In order to appeal to the broadest base of readers, I will be dissecting Gannett Health Services’ shiteous imagery that presently can be found on their website.

Syphilis Investigation Continues

Following the upswing of syphilis cases reported in Tompkins County, Gannett and Tompkins County Health Department continue to provide testing and information to the community. According to Sharon Dittman, associate director of community relations for Gannett, nine individuals have tested positive for syphilis thus far.