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WAITE | Ignorance Over Dinner

Early in my freshman year, I was eating dinner with a group of friends when we glided into a conversation on our lives before college. I mentioned growing up on the Navajo Nation and a few friends began to inquire further. Our conversation then began to spiral and I flinched when one friend voiced his belief that “Indians love to be called ‘Indian’ because that is what the white man called them.” I recognize that the term “Indian” is not collectively considered a pejorative term by the Indigenous community. And I am not Indigenous, so it is not my intent to claim that it is derogatory. As is their prerogative, it is my understanding that identity preferences change among Indigenous individuals.

At their most recent meeting, graduate students follow the S.A. in passing resolutions to ban hate speech.

GPSA Passes Resolution Condemning Hate Speech

“People of color have been leading diversity training, forming task forces, for years, and telling people how to treat us,” said Monet Roberts, grad. “And so I feel like this is the time where people who are not of color need to really step up.”