Simple Tips for a Healthy Diet

However, there are some easy ways to keep on track with your health goals, especially if there is no time to meal prep or cooking for yourself.

Countdown to Spring Break: Smoothie Bowls

Despite the weather right now, Spring Break is on its way. Once prelim season subsides everyone will start getting worried about how to get their bodies in shape for warm weather and swimsuits.

What’s in Your Bag?

Picture this. A mythological creature stands before you with three paper bags in hand. The almighty god of the food world forces you to choose one bag. The contents are the only foods you can eat for the rest of your life. One bag is bulging with chocolates, cheeseburgers, cookies, and sodas. The next is brimming with spinach, peas, oranges, and apples. The last bag contains kale, salmon, chocolate, raspberries, and fresh bread. Which do you choose? Could you spend the rest of your life with fat, salt, and sugar dripping down your chin? Could you keep from going insane on a diet that never provided any of these luxurious indulgences? Is there beauty in the bag that represents a balance of both?