GUEST ROOM | Shattering the Glass Ceiling

I am proud to cast my vote for our first female president, Hillary Rodham Clinton. I respect her, I admire her and I cannot wait for her to represent our country. Hillary has comprehensive and feasible goals. She intends to bolster our gun control policies, preventing those who are a danger to themselves and others from owning lethal weapons. She envisions welcoming 65,000 persecuted Syrian refugees who need our help.


I have a lot of questions at the end of this election cycle. Why did immigration become such an intense focal point this year? Why doesn’t Hillary bring up the progress of the current economy more? Who decided that Trump’s son should have any kind of presence on Twitter? At times, I’ve questioned why Hillary wanted to run again at all.

‘Disenchanted’ Students Seek Alternative to Clinton and Trump

In some ways, the Cornell Republicans have been examples of this movement: the group broke party lines to endorse Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson over the Republican nominee on Sep. 4. Almost immediately after this decision, the New York Federation of College Republicans revoked the chapter’s credentials, chastising the organization for supporting another party’s candidate.

Recipes for Election Night Disaster

Thinking of throwing your own election night party, but don’t know what to make? I’ve devised the perfect menu to appease both sides of the aisle before you inevitably begin crying with anxiety into your wine glass.

The Cornell Daily Sun Election Watch Nov. 1

With just one week left until the general election, Clinton leads Trump by a slim margin in several national polls. On campus, women’s advocacy groups voiced concern that a Trump presidency will lead to setbacks in women’s rights, and The Sun’s latest poll indicates that over 70 percent of surveyed students will cast ballots for Clinton on Nov. 8. Check out this week’s Election Watch written by Anna Kook and edited by Justin Park.