SOKOL | In a Brand New Key

The Chopin Fantasie-Impromptu I recently started working on may never see the light of day. It certainly won’t be performed in Ford Hall in front of sixty-some fidgeting children and marginally-less-fidgeting parents. I’m more than okay with that. Maybe, I’ll play it for friends if we’re near a keyboard, and maybe I won’t. The key to my newfound enjoyment of playing, I’ve found, is that the only applause I care about now is my own.

Life of the Dorm Room DIY Beauticians at Cornell

At home, everyone has their go-to hair stylist, barber, manicurist, etc. Yet, when students come to Cornell, they lose their favorite hometown beauty specialists, and have to find new people. That is where self-taught, enterprising students like Alayna Earl ’23 come in. “Three years ago I watched a YouTube video on [eyebrow] threading,” said Earl. “I would practice on my friends and sometimes they would give me money.

MARY’S MUSINGS | Be You, Be Happy

Being happy isn’t something that others can do for you; it’s something that you need to find for yourself.  Sometimes, or maybe too often, happiness is a battle.  People have always described me as a bubbly and positive person.  I excel at helping others and trying to put a smile on their faces to brighten their days.  I’m that person that smiles at strangers on the street.