KEMPFF | Living in Hockeyland: On the Documentary and Cornell

Like the small communities featured in the film, hockey is the only sport in town at Cornell. Compare the crowds at Cornell’s homecoming football game to a preseason hockey game and you can clearly see the importance of hockey here. It’s an especially relevant film that all Cornellians should watch, as it will give you a better appreciation for the game and those who play it. 

The Lynah Faithful Return, Inspiring Energy and Community In Cornell Men’s Hockey

Grab your fish and toothpaste now:  Cornell Men’s Ice Hockey began their season last Thursday and players, coaches and fans are excited not only for the games but for the culture that surrounds them. Since its first season in 1899, the Cornell Ice Hockey program has brought crowds of students, faculty and alumni to Lynah Rink. The strong fan culture — which includes inspiring cheers, taunts and rival-university-specific traditions — has made the sport a unique one at Cornell. 

This year, fans are eager to return to the rink for the first full capacity season since 2019. Isaac Chasen ’23 knew little about hockey his freshman year, but the Lynah Faithful community of the Cornell Hockey Association—- a fan-led group representing and supporting the Men’s Ice Hockey team —- inspired him to purchase season tickets for his final year at Cornell. “From the roar of the crowd when we score to the taunting of the opposing team to the singing of the alma mater after the second period, you always feel as though the Cornell community, as well as the wider Ithaca community, comes together at Lynah,” Chasen said. 

Players also said they feel the crowd’s energy when they’re on the ice. 

“I believe we definitely feed off the fans’ energy during the games,” said Tim Reno ’24, a defenseman.

CHASEN | You Don’t Need to Get Hockey to Love Cornell Hockey

First and foremost is the sense of community I immediately felt when I entered Lynah. It was quickly apparent that Cornell Hockey has a long history of success, and has perhaps one of the most passionate fan bases in the country, led by a raucous student section full of supporters. From the chanting to the trash talking, it was clear that the fans, and particularly the student section, would do absolutely anything to help the team win on the ice.