SPARACIO | On Building A House: Reflections On My Trip to New Orleans  

When working on the house, it felt that we were simply helpers to the Habitat employees who had to explain every process, whether we were learning to use tools, paint correctly or mix concrete. We had the privilege of leisurely conversing while pulling out the fence posts, as we engaged in a sort of tug-a-war with a stubborn metal rod deeply entrenched in the soil.

Bigger Isn't Always Better

Today the Senate passed its version of the stimulus bill. The House version of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has a price tag of about $820 billion while the Senate version stands at a total of $838 billion. Now the two versions will have to be reconciled and signed by President Obama. The ultimate goal of the stimulus legislation is to restore demand by replacing private spending with public spending and using tax cuts to hopefully restore consumers’ income enough to spur consumption. It is widely accepted that a stimulus bill is the proper means by which to improve the economy – it is perhaps the best of some bad options.

Now Diagnosing Your Infections

Unfortunately, after many, many attempts to write this column, I’m forced to admit to myself that the whole is in fact better than the sum of its parts. I, in fact, might not be that funny and I hesitate to say that R might not be either. I’m sure you’d agree with our many (many) fans that together, the two of us are quite a riot, but with an ocean between us? Well, the Dynamic Duo turned Unfortunate Uno may be up for a downgrade from riot to mere hoot, or worse. Mildly amusing, perhaps. Not amusing, perhaps. But if this particular column is disappointing, relax … we’ve found salvation in Skype, so once we figure out what to do about that six hour time difference, all will be as it was.
R: I miss you, R …