Larger Class Size Forces Housing Squeeze

In anticipation of an increase in the size of its incoming freshman class, Cornell is preparing to adopt a flexible housing plan to accommodate the needs of its students.
The University, expecting to enroll 3,150 students, 100 more than the usual exepected freshman class size at Cornell, will likely have to implement a similar housing arrangement for the Class of 2013 as it had done for this year’s freshmen class.
Cornell was able to free space this year on North Campus by expanding doubles into triples, forcing an more cramped but necessary living situation for some freshmen.

Students Lament W. Campus Housing Discrepancies

Last week’s housing lottery highlighted concerns over whether the West Campus housing system is evolving into an increasingly two-tiered hierarchy of living options. While many students were satisfied with their assignment to rooms in the new dormitories, those assigned to the Gothics expressed concern over a mounting discrepancy between their accommodations and those provided to their peers.
Proponents of the new residential initiative argue that the house system has positively influenced the overall quality of living on West Campus, but some students are concerned that the Gothics have been left behind by the initiative.