SOLAR FLARE | Here Comes the Sun!

It is the long awaited time of year again: Spring has technically sprung, according to the schedule of the equinoxes. 

The following playlist is meant to capture the fleeting hope that comes with spring. It is light at first, short lived yet giddy before the heaviness of summer begins to set in and temperaments become relaxed.

Spinning Singles: Hozier, “Cherry Wine”

Two days before Valentine’s Day, Hozier released the music video for his song “Cherry Wine.” The song has a delicate, pretty melody that relies heavily of an acoustic guitar that sets the stage as a couple enjoy a lovely, romantic Valentine’s Day. A woman removing her makeup is the center of the video as it switches between her, looking in the mirror, and her memories with her husband earlier that night. The couple returns to their apartment, casually drinking and playfully kissing each other. It appears that they are deeply in love with each other and have a #goals relationship. When the video returns to the woman by herself removing her makeup, it shows her wiping off her foundation revealing a black eye and that she is a victim of domestic abuse.