Child Psychology Research In an Age of Social Distancing

For scientists at the Cornell Early Childhood Cognition Lab — which studies how children learn through their experiences — social distancing meant shifting studies and data collection online through emailing participants and developing game apps to observe child behavior.

Cornell Suspends Majority of on Campus Research

On March 15, Provost Michael Kotlikoff and Vice Provost Emmanuel Gianellis alerted principal investigators and researchers in an email that the majority of on campus research activities would be restricted.

For some, this suspension could result in significant delays in conducting experiments and publishing papers. But it remains unclear how this halt in research will affect the long term projects of laboratories or the degree progress of graduate students.

Crave the Scare on Halloween? The Psychology Behind Fear

“Candy,” Kushnir said, half laughing and half sighing. “When you guys are passing out candy at your houses and you think about the little ones that are squeezing their mother’s hand while looking at the blood on your mask, I mean that kid’s going to take your candy but they’re not afraid of you!”

2 Cornell Professors Selected Into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences announced its 214 new members on April 17, an honor distinguishing leaders across disciplines. Members on the list include former First Lady Michelle Obama and author Jonathan Franzen, as well as two Cornellians — Prof. Stephen Ceci, human development, and Prof. Kelly Zamudio, ecology and evolutionary biology.