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Dig In | “Bog-to-Table” Cooking: Our Adventures in Nature and the Kitchen

In my last column, I wrote about my adventures at Dilmun Hill Organic Farm, a student-run farm that practices sustainable agriculture on Cornell University’s campus. That afternoon, my friend (and a student farmer at Dilmun) Teddy Matel introduced me to the paw-paw, scooped me wild-bee honey and gifted me a batch of their produce. We left Dilmun on a mission: To make a delicious meal of out these ingredients — and, more broadly, out the terroir of New York.

Sarah Austin / Sun Contributor

Clocktower Pumpkin: More Than a Prank

Now, 22 years later, as an homage to this piece of Cornell lore, the Cornell Dairy Bar has brought back their seasonal fall flavor: Clocktower Pumpkin; a pumpkin-based ice cream with cinnamon and nutmeg seasoning. It’s like pumpkin pie without the crust. Available at the Dairy Bar, it’s the bright orange flavor; you can’t miss it.


Soak Up the Sun with Some Ithacan Ice Cream

As spring progresses and we are blessed with continually warmer weather, my longing to go out on a 70-degree day and enjoy some ice cream beneath the sunshine has only intensified. As a graduating senior, I’m already beginning to miss certain ice cream establishments that can only be found in Ithaca. Below are three recommendations (in no particular order) based on my research during my past four years at Cornell.

Sweet Melissa’s Delicious Expansion

The ice cream was delightfully creamy and light, yet its consistency was neither too hard nor too soft. All of the flavors I tasted had a natural sweetness, which was neither overbearing nor overly sugary.

‘Slammin Yamz’ Ice Cream Flavor Added to Cornell Dairy Menu

Cornell food science students have spoken, and their choice for the next ice cream flavor to be showcased at the Cornell Dairy Bar will be “Slammin’ Yamz.” The culinary concoction with a vanilla ice cream base, includes yam puree, molasses, cinnamon and nutmeg, with a marshmallow swirl.
The new flavor that will be sold in the spring contains beta-carotene and fiber. The contest required that the ice cream must be relatively healthy, with less than 4 percent fat.

Ithaca, Two Rivers Square Off Over Sundae Origin

Ithaca, known and advertised as the home of the ice cream sundae, now must compete for the title with Two Rivers, Wis., also asserting itself to be the true home of the ice cream sundae.
The feud began in May when Ithaca contacted Two Rivers, telling them of their promotion to donate over 70 tubs of ice cream to local restaurants, advertising Ithaca as the home of the ice cream sundae. Ithaca had wanted to know if Two Rivers cared to engage in a lighthearted battle, in which the two towns would debate which place was actually the original creator of the ice cream treat.