POGGI | Has College Made me Stupid?

The truth behind my “feeling stupid” likely lies somewhere in between these theories, and is a product of both a new academic environment and the natural changes that accompany growing older and attending college.

LEVIN | Discouraged? You’re in Good Company

Just as Vonnegut and Maslow struggled for purpose at Cornell, we students find ourselves weighing profits against passions, exchanging dreams for the promise of a steady, well-paying job and a predictable future. Unless your passion truly lies in computer science, biology, economics or pre-law, the choice comes down to becoming a careerist or following your true aspirations at great personal risk.

BARAN | Fake It ‘Til You Make It

“How did you get into Cornell?” Outwardly I laugh and shrug, but inside I die a little. After I received my acceptance letter in November, the pressure was on to avoid doing anything appearing mildly stupid. The thing is, that’s who I am. Unless I’m cracking the books, I am an eccentric conglomeration of Moe, Larry and Curly. And the incessant clamoring of “Big Cornell” or “Ivy Guy” when I spoke up in class or even passed a friend in the hallway seemed to preclude me from acting in that manner.