‘Sing Our Rivers Red’ Exhibit Honors Missing Indigenous Women

Nearly 2,000 earrings are on display in Mann Library until Saturday as part of the Sing Our Rivers Red exhibition, which aims to raise awareness of the 1,181 missing and murdered indigenous women that have been taken from Native communities since 1980. Over 3,400 earrings have been donated and collected from countries including the United States, Canada, Scotland and the U.K., exceeding the exhibition’s initial goal to collect 1,181 single earrings to represent each woman, according to Natalie Rosseau ’16. The exhibit also includes letters from the earrings’ donors, which describe who they are donating their earrings for and why. There are now two traveling exhibits, including one at Cornell, which is brought by the Indigenous Graduate Students Association, in partnership with undergraduate organization Native American Students at Cornell. Sing Our Rivers Red seeks to address the not often recognized issue of missing and murdered indigenous women, said Grace Bulltail, president of the Indigenous Graduate Students Association.