PLOWE | An Introvert’s Guide to Belonging

The following information is a guide for becoming a deeply interconnected recluse, or, just a guide to living with more freedom. I don’t care who you are — this is for you. If you follow these invitations, you will absolutely make a few close friends.

LEUNG | Letting Go of ‘I’

I felt like a cliché. The college grad who faces a crisis over her own personal fulfillment, so she wants to leave the country and start a life abroad — but is too scared of societal pressures and whatever conditioned ideas of success she has, so she stays. I’ve thought of these recurring thoughts and the idea that people don’t understand me, or no one knows how I feel. But the feelings of misunderstanding, isolation, longing and restlessness — they’re not new. People have felt these emotions over and over, by those who have lived hundreds of years before and those who will come after.