MORADI | CS Needs an Ethics Requirement

Here’s a frightening proposition for this recruiting season: Cornell’s computer science undergraduates are woefully underprepared for careers in tech. Cornell’s CS undergrads are bright and technically apt. They learn from some of the best minds in the field, and they score some of the most coveted positions in the industry. It’s not that these future developers can’t solve the problems put forth before before them. It’s that they often have no idea what the problems are in the first place.

Johnson School, Department of Information Science Roll Out Joint Graduate Program

Graduate students of the Samuel Curtis Johnson School of Business and the Department of Information Science will collaborate with various companies to launch a  Digital Technology Immersion (DTI) Program this semester, according to a University press release. The program — offered for the first time in Spring 2016 — will include Master of Business Administration and Information Science Master of Professional Studies from both schools, according to the release. The program aims to fill the need for a workforce that has knowledge of both business analysis and data science, according to the DTI program website. Topics to be covered include ubiquitous computing, web design and programming, leadership and project management. Thirty graduate students — split almost evenly between the two schools — have enrolled in the program so far, according to Director of the MPS program Gilly Leshed.