Scheck Eats

This week I had the opportunity to interview Jeremy Scheck, a current Cornell undergraduate student who has risen to the ranks of TikTok star. Like most students, Jeremy started spending his free time on social media giant TikTok to distract himself from boredom in quarantine. But what makes Jeremy’s experience noteworthy, is the fact that his videos have gained so much popularity that he has now over one million followers. He shares high quality videos of food he prepares. To start with a little background, Jeremy is a current junior here at Cornell majoring in Spanish and Italian.

BANKS | A Brief and Incomplete Synopsis of my Current Life

I’m taking Intro to Japanese (six credits). My German, I now realize, is significantly better than I thought.   I have an ongoing collection of observations that I’ve made of this stunning campus and all its life. They are in disarray, just like my overstuffed email inbox.   Yesterday, while parsing through a word document, in which I store all my potential stories, I discovered that over 60 (!) pages were devoted purely to good words that I had come across.

LEUNG | Embracing the Now

For my first article of the semester, I originally intended to publish an article I began writing in the summer. It was a sweltering hot day in July, I remember, and I had been jostled around on a crowded train for far too many hours. I was left with only my thoughts and not much else, with the cramped spaces leaving all else impossible. Strange things happen when my mind is left entirely alone with time to ponder, reflect, think and analyze; some of my proudest epiphanies are born when I’m forced on these long rides. A particular thought hit me on the train and from there, my fingers were flying.