MKRTCHYAN | The Small Inconveniences of International Students

After I got accepted, it didn’t take long for me to leave home for Cornell from Armenia. Definitely not long enough to mentally get ready for everything that was about to come. That was my first time traveling alone as none of my family members had a VISA to accompany me. Hence I was alone, standing in the airport, holding the ticket to start my first solo adventure — a journey of  about 24 hours, two flights, one lay-over, an uber drive and a bus ride to Ithaca. Needless to say, that was my first time traveling to the U.S. too, and I had no idea what any of the places listed on my tickets looked like.

AMADOR | Why I Choose to Write

Yet despite the change in character, my story has followed me to Ithaca. It reminded me of a key fact of my life: you can leave the wetlands, master the English language and run as far as your heels and heart can carry. Yet, the story runs with you.

GUEST ROOM | From Ithaca to Beirut: Redefining Home

As I made the decision to start a new chapter of my life abroad at Cornell, the idea of leaving home terrified me. It was impossible for me to imagine that life had a meaning anywhere else. Beirut’s serenity was constantly feeding my spirit with peace, satisfaction and joy.