DO | The Social Limelight

There is a very specific feeling of dread that often overtakes me in uncomfortable social settings. My blood begins to churn and immense pressure builds up in my chest. I can’t quite think straight and the usual screening process between emotion and action is infiltrated by panic and an impulse to escape.

DERY | Lowering Our Hands to Raise Our Questions

Most questions that come to mind aren’t grand or conceptual in any particular way; they arise in a much more preliminary stage of the learning process, as we try to understand the details of going from point A to B. It just wouldn’t be productive for all of our hands to shoot up when the professor asks “Any questions?”, only to go over a certain part of the lecture over again. 

DO | Is Introversion a Hoax?

Many of my social interactions are fraught with insecurities and self-conscious neuroticisms. Something as simple as waiting in a lecture hall can be an arduous process as my brain is constantly scanning the room to gauge how others might be assessing me. I can never seem to get out of my head and live in the moment.