After months of deliberations, Ithaca's Common Council passed the 2020 budget last Wednesday, which calls for a modest property tax increase and a $34,000 provision of funds for the "Green New Deal."

Ithaca Common Council Passes 2020 Budget

After months of revisions, proposals and back-and-forth, the City of Ithaca has finally settled on a budget for the upcoming 2020 year. Passed at a meeting of Ithaca’s Common Council meeting last Wednesday, the plan — which lists $80,397,578 in total spending — carries few surprises.

The five different wards of Ithaca's Common Council. (Sabrina Xie / Sun Design Editor).

Tompkins County 2019 General Elections Re-Elect Host of Incumbents, No Write-Ins

After the polling booths closed all over Tompkins County at 9 p.m., the votes were tallied and the victors were announced for the 2019 general elections of Tompkins County. Among this year’s winners were several incumbents who were projected to win re-election for seats as mayor, city council alderpersons, town board members, a supervisor and state supreme court justices.

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2019 Elections: Guide to Local Candidates

On Nov. 5, voters registered in New York State will have the chance to elect candidates to a smorgasbord of positions: mayor, city council alderpersons, town board members, a supervisor and state supreme court justices. Here is The Sun’s guide to the 2019 local elections.

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FOX | The Case for an Ithaca Tenants’ Union

Renters across the country face a particular set of burdens unique in how close they are to home. Tenants face difficulty maintaining their homes, as they rely on landlords to carry out refurbishment and repairs, which the landlords have little incentive to do in a timely fashion. Secondly, not owning one’s house naturally creates instability, as there is little guarantee of where to call home from one year to the next. Finally, the rent is too damn high. In Ithaca, a striking 73% of households are renters, compared to 44% nationwide.

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NGUYEN | Rain, Rain … Maybe Don’t Go Away

“It was a dark and stormy night …”

In just seven words, this string of text paints a vivid picture. A familiar image instantly materializes in our minds: a torrential downpour of ceaseless raindrops, set against a dreary backdrop of darkness. We recognize this archetypal setting as the precursor to a twisted tale of tragedy and melodrama. It establishes an expectation of mystery, of doom — a big, bad something looms ahead. When I first stumbled onto Cornell as a freshman, anxiety weighed down my every timid step across the hallowed grounds.

Independent bookstores survive in Ithaca.

When One Bookstore Door Closes, Another Opens

Laura Larson ’85, an Ithaca High School and Cornell University alumna, moved to Ithaca at nine years old. She recalls her love for reading and frequenting the plethora of bookstores available in Ithaca during her childhood — because of this, she dreamed of opening a bookstore someday.

Clocktower on Oct 18th, 2018 (Michael Wenye Li / Sun Photography Editor)

From Student to Teacher: Alumni Professors Reflect on Their Time at Cornell

After weeks of exams, papers and responsibilities, fall break offers a welcome respite for students to destress and relax. Many Cornell students decide to go home or get away from campus, though some students simply live too far away or choose not to step off campus for a quick vacation.