Cornell Professors Breakdown Ithaca’s Infamous Weather Variability

The only predictable thing about Ithaca’s weather seems to be its unpredictability. However, according to Cornell professors, there is not one exact reason behind these fluctuations. In fact, the weather patterns of the Northeast are caused by an amalgamation of factors that often result in an April week beginning with warm sunshine and ending in a snowstorm.

One Ring Donuts Seeks New Ownership

“One Ring’s future is sincerely up to the creativity, interest, and skill set of whoever ends up taking on the business next,” store founder Amy Cohen said. One Ring Donuts closed in April due to unexpected circumstances, and plans to reopen under new ownership.

GUEST ROOM | Support of Tenants’ Rights Needs Less Bark and More Bite

Tabling the Right to Renew Lease law is just another example of Ithacan politicians mimicking progressive mannerisms and superficial characteristics: hearing something out without following through with the only Democratic value that fundamentally matters: a commitment to actually helping people.

OLGUÍN | An Ode to Winter

Disliking winter was a common sentiment, shared by my peers all around me. Seeing friends, going out, staying up late at the library — all were made dreadful in the now-freezing weather. Sometimes, it was easier to just stay home and avoid a winter that had caught me ill-equipped to face it.

So now, stepping back into in person classes, waddling through the white snow turned brown slush— I meet Ithaca Winter for the last time.