Autumn Baked Ithaca

Unwind at Statler’s Regent Lounge

Whether you need a place to study alone, meet with coworkers or unwind from a stressful week, the Regent Lounge is the ideal place to do so while treating yourself to delicious food.

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#PastaGoals at Gola Osteria

After following the arrows down the winding halls, my friend and I finally arrived in Tuscany, Italy. The candlelit space was bustling with life at 6 p.m. on a Sunday.


Lost in the Sauce at Mitsuba

While some Cornellians swear by That’s How I Roll, others contend that Plum Tree is the best, and some refuse to even step into a sushi restaurant in this town at all. But alas, I believe that I have found the winner: Mitsuba.


VALDETARO | Cornell Doesn’t Care About Ithaca

Nearly three weeks ago, on Wednesday, October 4th, Ithaca’s Mayor, and Cornell alum, Svante Myrick ’09, presented his proposal for Ithaca’s 2019 budget. Amongst discussion of a property tax decrease, the staffing of the police department and the creation of a new street crew dedicated to improving local road quality, the mayor had some choice words for the institution which he called home for four years. In addition to pointing out that Cornell’s $2.1 billion of tax-exempt properties are equal in value to the value of all taxable properties in the entirety of Ithaca, Myrick stated that “We would be better off if any other Ivy League School were in Ithaca.”

Immediately following this comment, and in a later interview with the Sun, he specifically mentioned that Harvard — our rival in both hockey and use of colors that generally fit the description of ‘red’ — would be better for Ithaca than Cornell currently is. It might seem unfathomable that a Cornell alumnus should invoke the rest of the Ivies, and especially the Crimson, in a positive light. And yet, such is the relationship between Cornell and the city it calls home.