Scenes From an Italian Restaurant: ZaZa’s Cucina

While I wouldn’t consider it to be in the upper echelon of Ithaca restaurants, it is definitely a solid eatery worthy of a visit for a date night or merely on a night you want to treat yourself to a tasty and reliable Italian dinner.


Pasta Vitto: The Polar Vortex Cure

Ultimately, Pasta Vitto is a brand new restaurant off to a good start. Though they could improve by offering more gluten-free options and securing a liquor license for those who like to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, the cuisine is simple, reliable and satisfies any craving for home-cooked Italian fare.

Last week’s polar vortex poses a dangerous threat to dozens of homeless individuals who live out of tents and sleeping bags.

Wintertime Ithaca Homelessness Crisis Calls for Immediate Action

Correction appended. In a wooded stretch behind Ithaca’s Walmart known as “the Jungle,” dozens of homeless individuals live out of tents and sleeping bags, often battling poor weather and environmental conditions. Under New York State’s Code-Blue policy, Tompkins County is required to provide shelter for anyone who requests it when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. However, with last week’s polar vortex bringing the temperature down to as low as negative seven degrees to Ithaca, the request for shelter rocketed, according to the Ithaca Voice, leaving the County in a shortage of resources. Kit Kephart, commissioner for the Department of Social Services told Ithaca Voice that because the County does not have enough shelter beds, many people requesting shelter are housed temporarily in local churches or hotel rooms.
To help the homeless population in the county survive the winter, Winnie Ho ’19 collaborated with the Ithaca Homeless Crisis team to fundraise online from Jan.


TAARIQ | Not So Wondrous Winter Land

As an environmental and sustainability sciences major, you would think that I would be against global warming. I understand that I am not from California or the South, but I’m tired of this winter after two decades on the East Coast. Of course I am concerned about the dysfunction and distribution of traumatic weather patterns due to anthropogenic activity, but this late winter and transition back to campus have been rough. This spring semester, I’ve come back with visions of professional development and academic success, but in the face of bone-chilling winds and hazardous slopes, my energy tank remains low. There are, however, some things I have employed to remain marginally functional.

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VALDETARO | How Cornell Can Help Combat Ithaca’s Housing Crisis

As the spring semester kicks into gear — and essays, problem sets and prelims become the first and foremost concerns for many students —  freshmen will have another task that demands their attention: finding housing for next year. As Christian Baran noted in The Sun last semester, such a task quickly becomes formidable due to a dearth of not only information, but of good options, as evidenced by The Sun’s reporting on a student sleeping in Uris Library last semester due to his housing situation. These housing issues don’t just stop at the borders of Cornell’s campus, though. The housing market is warped and inhospitable to residents throughout the entirety of Ithaca. With under half of the University’s undergraduate students housed on campus, half of the city’s apartment market is occupied by students.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Lead the March on Washington in 1963

Ithaca Community Celebrates MLK Day

Earlier this week, the Ithaca community celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day with week-long celebrations, community meals, workshops and guest speakers. Ithaca College honored King with a commemorative week of events run by the Center for Innovation, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Social Change. Ithaca College has been celebrating MLK day as a “day on” not “day off” since 2008, according to their website. The idea of the “day on” is a time of reflection and a call to action through programs and activities, rather than simply taking a vacation. Their week of events features a keynote address, workshops, speakers and panels.