Nothing Nowhere: A “Hidden” Café Worth the Search

Nothing Nowhere’s Facebook page describes itself as a “secret café,” but it is very much hidden in plain sight. As soon as you enter the newly-relocated Home Green Home, in the center of the Ithaca Commons and attached to Petrune, the coffee counter is clear. But the sign in the window is subtle. Who would think of having a café in a home goods store?  

The café’s sign in the Home Green Home storefront window. (Melanie Metz / Sun Staff Writer)

According to a post on their Facebook wall, Nothing Nowhere has existed since December 2019, though it didn’t appear on my radar until October.

Dining Department Goes to the Apple Harvest Festival

This past weekend, the Sun dining department’s writers ventured out to the 37th Annual Apple Harvest Festival to experience one of the most iconic food festivals Ithaca has to offer. We’ve recounted some of our most memorable moments and favorite delectable delights from the event, noting local favorites and treats from farmers far and wide.

GUEST ROOM | The Social Construction of Police Lies

As a recent retiree from college teaching with some time now to devote to social action in my community of Ithaca, I have closely followed the cases of young African American defendants Cadji Ferguson and Rose DeGroat since the disturbing incident on the Commons on April 6. The facts of the case were actually undisputed at Mr. Ferguson’s trial on Aug. 30 when he was acquitted of all charges. At trial, Judge Scott Miller found that Cadji Ferguson’s single punch of a drunk white man, Joseph Ming, was a reasonable response to a private conflict, following Ming’s menacing and increasingly escalating, aggressive behavior towards Cadji and his small group of friends on the Commons that evening. Although the prosecutor worked hard to support the claim backed by the Ithaca Police Department that officer Gregory Herz responded appropriately, with his stated focus on intervening in a dangerous public disturbance, the prosecutor’s case was stymied by the facts.