I Am Not Your Negro: Poetic and Pertinent

James Baldwin in known to be one of the greatest writers and intellectuals of the 20th century. His writings and critiques on race in America have been established in a class of their own. His language brings eloquence and grace to an otherwise grotesque and deplorable situation. The recent documentary I Am Not Your Negro tries to bring this contrasting relationship to the big screen. I Am Not Your Negro already proves to be a provocative title and certainly the film itself was able to match the intensity of its name.

BANKS | Final Throwaway Thoughts

Well, here we are. Serendipitous opportunities notwithstanding, I have exactly seven columns remaining. And while the international state of affairs has certainly given me plenty of material for the next six, I will need more time to digest and dissect all of that before writing. In the meantime, I find myself reflecting on my time at home in Atlanta. Those close to me know that I could easily write a book about all the thoughts, observations and emotions that result from my infrequent excursions there, but my most recent return found me thinking a lot about language.