The Dark Truth Behind the Glamorous World of KPOP

In realizing the toxicity within the K-Pop industry and Hollywood, we become one step closer to deconstructing the extremely detrimental effects of fatphobia. While the issue of body image is not exclusive to any particular region in the world, I find it imperative to focus on South Korea and its extremely harsh standard of beauty and thinness. 

TEST SPIN: BTS — You Never Walk Alone

The collective K-Pop fandom is an intense place where Twitter wars, fan art, fan fictions, group orders and just about anything you can think of happens. However, each K-Pop group’s fandom will do anything to prove that the group they stan is the best, especially the BTS fan base. BTS is quite possibly the most internationally famous K-Pop groups. In just 24 hours, their newest music video, “Spring Day,” reached over nine million views on YouTube. Back in October, BTS left everyone speechless with their dark album Wings, which was based on the book Demian and all about breaking free from a toxic love and learning to love oneself.