ST. HILAIRE | The Shoulders I Stand On

She stood on a podium before millions of people, accepting an honor that I couldn’t fathom, standing on top of the shattered glass of ceilings that she elegantly broke through, and I couldn’t stop myself from crying when she acknowledged that she was standing on the shoulders of “all the women who have worked to secure and protect the right to vote.”

BERNSTEIN | If You’re Voting Biden/Harris in New York, Do So on the Working Families Party Line

The Working Families Party in New York State is at risk of losing its spot on future ballots if it doesn’t reach 130,000 votes for President. This third party is a left-wing advocate for social democracy and progressivism and it’s best known for its support of democratic challengers to moderate incumbents across the state. With new rules raising the minimum votes required for a third party’s spot on the ballot, WFP is at risk of fading away. In 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo formed a commission to reform the campaign finance system in New York. One of the commission’s decisions was to increase the threshold of votes necessary to keep a third party on the ballot in future elections.