Dining Hall March Madness Matchups

The time has come. The Dining Department will be officiating our very first March Madness tournament. Witness as Cornell University’s finest eateries battle head-to-head in hopes of becoming the most popular eatery on campus. Throughout the month, we will be polling all the writers and editors of the Sunspots, Dining, Arts and Entertainment and Opinion departments. 

While many of these locations are long-time favorites, such as Trillium, and Flora Rose House, underdogs like Nasties and the hotly contested Okenshields will need to snatch a lead early on if they hope to stay in the race. Will they find the support to do so?

Hello from the Other Side — of the Food Trays

As a patron of Cornell Dining, I’ve always appreciate the food served at the various establishments across campus, but I’ve come to realize that it’s not just what’s on the plate that makes Cornell Dining so great. Working as a student food service worker at Keeton has helped me to understand life on the other side of the food trays.