The Dark Truth Behind the Glamorous World of KPOP

In realizing the toxicity within the K-Pop industry and Hollywood, we become one step closer to deconstructing the extremely detrimental effects of fatphobia. While the issue of body image is not exclusive to any particular region in the world, I find it imperative to focus on South Korea and its extremely harsh standard of beauty and thinness. 

KILLING TIME JOYOUSLY | What is Killing Time Joyously?

As you may have noticed, I have finally given my blog a name – Killing Time Joyously. It definitely isn’t the best blog name out there, but I guess I am just really desperate to have one so this is what it’s going to be until I can think of a much more creative and meaningful name. I hope I didn’t give the impression that this name has no meaning, though. Of course, this blog is about how I, literally, kill time joyously by watching, and then recommending to you guys, various East Asian entertainment shows – but there is more to it. As some of you geniuses may have guessed already, the first letter of each word actually represents a specific country that I plan to focus on in my blog: Korea, Taiwan and Japan.