Kraftees Closes Doors After 10 Years of Collegetown Operations

After over 10 years in Ithaca, the Collegetown location of  Kraftees College Textbook and Clothing store will close its doors at the end of March. While there is another location of Kraftees in Oswego — approximately 75 miles away — the Ithaca location is closing permanently, according to owner Patrick Kraft. Plans are in place to build an apartment building, Dryden South, where Kraftees was formerly located. It will have 40 new beds and should be completed by August 2016, according to Kraft. Although Kraft had originally planned to have Kraftees occupy the ground floor space of Dryden South,  because the Johnson School will house a new education center next door, Kraft said he decided to “explore other more complementary uses for the commercial space.”
Kraft said that although he regrets that he must leave his Ithaca location, he is looking forward to spending more time with his family.