Should Your Laptop be Searched at the Border?

The days of simply traveling to another country are gone. With ever-growing surveillance, suspicion of wrongdoing is no longer a requirement for invasive searching. When traveling to other countries, including Canada, be prepared to have your laptop searched. This is now common practice for border security officials. Pending litigation, the government’s ability to search your files may be suspended. However, the legality procedure has prevailed for several years and is showing signs of increasing domination.

Cleaning Your Laptop

According to a report (Warning: pdf) done in 2007, almost every college student owns a computer, and 73.7% own a laptop. If we were to transpose that result to Cornell, we’d get roughly 10,000 students with laptops, assuming the numbers (Warning: pdf) are accurate.

So with this many students potentially carrying laptops around, someone’s bound to know how to clean a laptop, right?

Well, yes and no. There are some very basic guidelines that need to be followed when considering physically cleaning your laptops. I’m not saying these are the exact kind of things you should do, but they’ve proven pretty effective for me.

C.U. Profs Say OK to Laptops in Class

From updating Facebook statuses to chatting on AIM, wireless Internet provides plenty of opportunities to do anything other than pay attention in class.
Because of the growing number of students bringing laptops to lecture in recent years, many professors across the nation have started banning laptops from their classrooms in order to ensure student participation and discussion.