SWASING | Law School Rankings’ Fall From Grace

There is a better world of law school admissions out there. One that is more equitable and ensures a legal education is available to all students who are intellectually (not just financially) capable. One in which rankings accurately reflect what a school can do for its students. This is an exciting and dynamic time for law schools and applicants alike, and I look forward to a future where law school is a genuinely attainable option for anyone whose passion drives them to it. 

3+3 Pathway: Combining Undergraduate College and Law School into 6 Years

Cornell undergraduate students looking to apply to Cornell Law School do not have to wait until their senior year. Through the Cornell Law 3+3 Pathway, students can jumpstart their law career a year early by finishing their undergraduate studies in three years and forgoing their senior year to start their first year of law school instead. 

3+3 reduces the total number of years pursuing an undergraduate and law degree from seven years to six by removing the fourth year of a student’s undergraduate degree and allowing their first year of law school to satisfy their senior year course requirements. The program was originally only offered to Cornell students in the College of Arts and Sciences but has since expanded to include students across the University. Undergraduates at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and St. Lawrence University can also apply.