BARELY LEGAL | Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Bill 2015

In 2012 Pakistan ranked as the second most dangerous country for women, and annual country reports show a consistent increase in gender-driven violence. The power dynamic in Pakistan is clear; men are in charge and do whatever is necessary (violent or non-violent) to keep women subservient. This ideology allows physical and mental abuse of women and often leads to their death under the label of ‘Honor killings.’ On Feb. 25, the Punjab Assembly unanimously passed the Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Bill. This bill marks a turning point for Pakistani women, giving much-needed recognition to the continuous violation of their rights.

BARELY LEGAL | Mystery of the Ghost Voter

Every country has a portion of elected officials who do not consider it necessary to go to work. The absence of a public official is important in principle, because they represent the public and the public interest. They are granted significant power that should require extreme care or, at least, presence in the workplace. Some are absent only for the discussions, others skip votes. During the discussion period, the absentees risk missing important amendments and contributing to the discussion.

University Counsel James Mingle to Retire

James Mingle, University counsel and secretary of the Cornell Board of Trustees, will retire on June 30 after more than 20 years at Cornell, the University announced Wednesday. “It has been a privilege to be surrounded by a superb group of professionals [at Cornell] … who bring dedication and competence to everything they do,” Mingle said in a University release. While working as University counsel, Mingle was responsible for directing and coordinating the University’s legal affairs in all facets of its operation, ranging from its academic programs to its research and medical efforts. One of Mingle’s recent achievements, was establishing the legal means for Cornell to acquire its Cornell Tech campus in New York City, which the University won the bid for in December 2011, according to President Emeritus David J. Skorton. Skorton said, Mingle was a “consummate counsel and colleague” who had a hand in many of Cornell’s major advancements.