PROFILE | Twin Court

A Twin Court rehearsal looks like a maze. Their Lincoln Hall practice room houses a delicately arranged set of Indonesian instruments which, according to Jack Neiberg ’24, were made for the 1964 New York World’s Fair and later loaned to Cornell by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The instruments lay in a perpendicular pattern, aligned according to their tuning, like a jungle gym through which the members of Twin Court traverse to experiment with new sounds. 

“We weren’t trying to make a band,” says Wyatt Westerkamp ’21. Mandy Gurung, a local community member of the group, believes that the distinct sound of Twin Court emerged from a natural integration of ideas and members over time, driven by a pure curiosity for the potential of the unique instruments at their disposal. It started from the collaborative partnership of Jack and Wyatt, who met through the Gamelan ensemble organized by Prof. Christopher J. Miller.