Bridge of Spies: A Victory for Spielberg and Hanks


What is interesting about Bridge of Spies is that it’s somewhat of a slight film, which is, needless to say, unusual for Steven Spielberg. Most of his films tackle weighty issues (Lincoln, Munich, Saving Private Ryan) while this one tells a microcosmic but nonetheless fascinating story with some meaty undertones and implications. It’s truly a courtroom procedural that takes place on different continents instead of in courthouses; about men in suits debating and discussing. If I’m starting to bore you, fear not. With a lead actor as good as Tom Hanks, a movie is well worth watching.

Freshman Reading Book Draws Mixed Reactions

The cold aura of Barton Hall was, on August 24, transformed into an intensely intellectual colloquium when the New Students Book Project invaded the massive gymnasium. The incoming class, along with others members of the Cornell community, discussed Lincoln at Gettysburg by Gary Wills. The book’s focus is on the 272 words of the Gettysburg Address.
Lincoln at Gettysburg was sent to over 3,700 members of the Class of 2012 at the beginning of the summer. They were assigned to read about it for their first academic experience of the year, and then analyze it with their peers.