CHASEN | You Don’t Need to Get Hockey to Love Cornell Hockey

First and foremost is the sense of community I immediately felt when I entered Lynah. It was quickly apparent that Cornell Hockey has a long history of success, and has perhaps one of the most passionate fan bases in the country, led by a raucous student section full of supporters. From the chanting to the trash talking, it was clear that the fans, and particularly the student section, would do absolutely anything to help the team win on the ice.

Longtime Cornell Zamboni Driver Accepts University Retirement Package

Over Dave Nulle’s three decade career working for the University, he became a staple of the Lynah Rink experience. Hockey players and skaters — not to mention fans — inextricably linked Nulle with the zamboni he drove and the costumes he wore, even giving him the affectionate nickname “Zamboni Dave.” But when he first came to Cornell, Nulle was simply looking for a job.
“I believe that it was almost happenstance that I became a Zamboni driver,” Nulle said. “If [Cornell] had been hiring chicken farmers at that time, my life would be totally different. It was totally happenstance that I became a Zamboni driver. I was looking for a job and they were hiring.”