The New York State Hemp Industry is Growing like a Weed

Similar conversations are happening at café tables across New York. The lucrative potential of hemp is bringing people together: “Investors and businesspeople together with the farmers out there getting their hands dirty. [Hemp is] the best opportunity farmers have had in their lifetime. I don’t know of another crop as lucrative.”

TEST SPIN: Chester Watson — Past Cloaks

Stoned teenagers are responsible for some of the best hip hop ever made. The wise sages of today were the blunt-rolling kids of 10 years ago, and by that logic precocious Chester Watson could have a great album in him someday. His new tape, Past Cloaks, is not an album proper, but it’s pretty great nonetheless: woozy and dense, hyperverbal and unintelligible, simple yet complex. But Watson himself is a terrifically wordy millennial who compiled Past Cloaks from his recent run of mixtapes. He hails from Florida, but his music bears little resemblance to the trap music that dominates Southern hip hop.

Pipe Burst Leads to Pot Bust

When a water pipe in the Sigma Nu fraternity on Willard Way broke last week and started flooding the second floor, a concerned brother called the fire department thinking it would be a routine fix. Instead, firefighters found six marijuana plants in a tinfoil-lined room, putting the fraternity in even more hot water.
“It wasn’t the fraternity’s doing; it was a brother,” said Robert Quintal ’10, last year’s president of the fraternity. Quintal noted that during his tenure as president last year, he had no knowledge of any illicit activities in the house. The brother responsible for the plants had been growing them over the summer.

If Pot Were Legal: Pros and Cons of an Alternate World

As a blogger, my job is often to present news stories and provide commentary so as to begin a conversation. Sometimes, though, an article comes along where you don’t have to do much talking.

NPR released a fictional news story on April 20 on its “All Things Considered” radio program. The question they considered was simple: What if marijuana had been legal in the US for two years and was treated like alcohol in terms of taxation, regulation and who it could be sold to? What would the world be like?