Crisis in review

Students listen as a panel of Johnson School of Management faculty members discuss the current credit crisis at Sage Hall yesterday. The panel attracted 250 attendees.

Johnson School Panel Discusses Wall Street Crash

“Expediency is not a good guide for policy, and that is where we are right now,” said Prof. Maureen O’Hara, the Robert W. Purcell Professor of Management in the Johnson School of Management.
As Congress continues to debate Bush’s proposed $700 billion economic recovery plan, last night a panel of professors from the Johnson School analyzed the causes of the financial crisis and offered solutions for the future. Over 250 people attended the discussion.
Moderated by Prof. Doug Stayman, marketing, and the associate dean for curriculum at the Johnson School, the Market Crisis Panel addressed the tumultuous events in the finance world that have happened over the past days.

Uncle Sam Doing the Right Thing

If you have watched television, read a newspaper or applied for a finance job, you know that the world is about to end. The cover of the Wall Street Journal might as well have read “Apocalypse Near.” Well, the situation is not all that dire (unless, of course, you had a job offer from Lehman Brothers), but certainly something needs to be done. While it may be too late, the administration’s recent plan to purchase mortgage-related securities is a necessary step in calming financial markets.