University Assembly members met on Tuesday to address a resolution turned down by President Martha E. Pollack.

U.A. Expresses ‘Surprise’ Following President Pollack’s Rejection of Resolution to Share University Finance Information

Pollack explained in a May email to the previous U.A. President Gabe Kaufman ’18 that she declined the non-binding resolution because the proposed committee’s authority “go beyond providing input and veer into policy setting, which must remain within my [Pollack’s] purview and that of the Board of Trustees.”


EDITORIAL | Mazel Tov, Martha Pollack

Mazel Tov, Madam President! It’s been a year to the day since Cornell officially inaugurated its 14th president, and — though we know she disagrees with this characterization — the past twelve months have been as turbulent as one can imagine for the newly-installed Cornell commandant. And though there is much work yet to be done, President Pollack has shown herself to be a capable leader, willing to take risks to tackle the issues that plague this institution; we look forward to her second year at the University’s helm. Last September, when campus was rocked by the racially charged beating of a Cornell student, Pollack grasped the gravity of the situation and convened a campus climate task force to address the structural deficiencies that led to the assault, as well as other similar incidents around that time. That committee released its final report in June, but now is when the real work begins.