POGGI | We’re Too Old for This

In two days, I will turn 20. I will enter a second decade of life and become one of the many people I now know in their “twenties.” The thought makes me sick — people in their twenties go to cocktail bars and iron their shirts. They have real bosses and real jobs and real friends with real bosses and real jobs. Scariest of all, they think about marriage and children and settling down.

CHOUNG | Measuring Your Life 

A couple of weeks ago was Ivy Day; the day when most of us received a decision that changed the course of our lives forever. It has been exactly a year since I have received the fateful email from Cornell Admissions in my inbox. That day set me on a path where I first discovered that the world is bigger than my bubble in Southern California and life became more than getting into college. It was the first time I genuinely felt lost because one of the biggest chapters of my life had finally closed. Even throughout all of the celebrations and congratulations, I was still left with the biggest question: What next?